the REGIONAL VOICE for the Biogas Industry in the Asia Pacific


What is Biogas? Biogas is a methane rich fuel which has many advantages. It can be made from landfills, agricultural processing, ethanol production and other waste-water. Bacteria which do not require oxygen to survive (Anaerobic Bacteria) produce Methane when food and carbon rich materials are present. The amount of methane varies depending on how it is produce. Here are some examples of the methane content:

Landfill gas

25 to 50% Methane (CH4)

Sewerage gas

35 to 55% methane,

Biogas gas from Anaerobic Digesters

55 to 65% Methane

Natural gas

88 to 97 % methane

When the methane is combusted in the presence of oxygen, lots of energy is released. This energy can be used to drive turbines, spin engines or fire boilers. Converting methane to energy also has the advantage of reducing it’s green house gas (GHG) impact. One Tonne of CH4 is as damaging as 21 Tonnes of Carbon Dioxide (CO2). The various types of gases containing methane can be purified by removing CO2 and other contaminants to make natural gas (NG). This NG can stored, piped or compressed into Compressed Natural Gas (CNG) to make an energy dense industrial and transport fuel. It can even be compressed and cooled further to where it becomes a liquid, Liquid Natural gas (LNG) which is an even better fuel. Of course there are safety and operational requirements which must be met. The Asia Pacific Biogas Alliance helps its members work with industry for a safe and successful partner using biogas.


About asia pacific biogas alliance

The Asia Pacific Biogas Alliance is the REGIONAL VOICE for the Biogas Industry in the Asia Pacific

The Asia Pacific Biogas Alliance was founded in 2014 to promote the sustainable growth and development of the Biogas industry in the region. We believe that it is very important that the business and safety fundamentals are correct in order for the region’s business to grow. Providing a voice for the industry to governments, advisors and think-tanks is an important step in ensuring that the right policies, frameworks and rules are applied. For this to happen, we hope to focus on 3 main areas: Government Policies, End-User Education in Commerciality and End-User Education in Safety. For this to take effect, we have formed an association that is truly representative of the industry and have the technical know-how and expertise to make sure that the association remains relevant and useful to the industry. Each Country has a representative from Government and the Board is comprised of Industry representatives. By mixing policy and practice, the Alliance helps to create a safe and successful market.

Biogas Alliance Board Committee

Meet up the people behind Asia Pacific Biogas Alliance

Datuk Khairuddin Bin Tan Sri Mohd Hussin

Chairman, Concord Green Energy
E: | | T: +60 3 7733 3374 | M: +6012 9013377

Raymond Cheah

Deputy Chairman, Green Lagoon Technology
E: | T: (6017)2002779

Vincent Choy

Joint Secretary, ICESN
E: | T: +65 6506 0965

Nervy Santiago

Joint Secretary, Alterna Verde
E: | T: +63 917 812 8032

Rizal Rahman

Treasurer, Natural Gas Global
E: | T: +65 6506 0965

Micheal Yeong

Vice President (Membership), Evonik
E: | T: +603 2268-7878

Muhammad Abdul Kholiq

Vice President (Marketing & Promotions), BPPT
E: | | T: +62 858 858 455 45

Ho Thi Lan Huong

Vice President (Technology & Innovations), Vietnam Biogas Association
E: | T: +84 913040872

Long Yan

Vice President (Training), BIOMA
E: | | T: +86-18086847666

Lim Terkyiang

Vice President (Special Projects), Air Liquide
E: | T: +603 27123128

Conor McCoole

Vice President (Policy) , Asia Biogas
E: | T: +65 96368875

Steve Szymanski

Vice President (Funding) , Independent
E: | T: +65 97584935

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